Humanitarian care Dr Stefano Dallari

Health projects among Tibetan children

Dr Stefano Dallari, a personal friend of the Dalai Lama, discovered the charms of Tibetan religion and culture in 1982 when he completed his research thesis with very interesting results from a scientific point of view. Tibetan monks have beautiful teeth, free from tooth decay, even in the absence of oral hygiene, but thanks to their traditional diet lacking sugar.


Tibetan children instead have a lot of tooth decay and the lack of adequate care makes their situation a social problem.


Dr Dallari discovered this kind and supportive people's "smile of the Soul", people who always give back a life experience with strong spiritual connotations that are even able to enrich his daily medical practice, awakening in him the desire to commit to these people.


Since then he has returned to the Himalayas each year: first he opened a practice in Dharamsala in northern India, then one in Bylakuppe in the south of India, to offer free help to Tibetan refugees and train local dentists.

His love for the Tibetan people also took him to found the 'Casa del Tibet' in 1990, a non-profit organisation in the Reggio Apennines, in the medieval village Votigno di Canossa.

Dr Dallari's dream is for Tibet to be liberated without violence, giving the Dalai Lama and his people their home back, and allowing him to spread his vision based on the constant union between Science and Spirituality.

"The Doctor who loves his Patient, treats him better," he always likes to say.

humanitarian projects of Dr Stefano Dallari
Tibet missions of Dr Stefano Dallari
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